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For Immediate Release Tuesday 21st July, 2015 Media Release Industrial Court Matter Between the Prison Officers’ Association and Justice Ministry Officials Dismissed On 10th July, 2015, the Prison Officers’ Association filed a motion in the Industrial Court against three (3) officials of the Ministry of Justice, the Honourable Minister of Justice, the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Justice and the Commissioner of Prisons. The motion alleged breaches of the Occupational Health and Safety Act. The matter was heard today Tuesday 21st July, 2015, before Her Honour Mrs. Deborah Thomas-Felix, President of the Industrial Court. The Ministry of Justice wishes to advise that this matter against all three (3) Defendants has been dismissed. The Ministry remains committed to the safety of both prison officers and inmates and is working expeditiously to address the concerns raised by the Association. Corporate Communications Unit Ministry of Justice ...

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Stepping Into Change – A Reason to Celebrate “You have the capacity to change. Yes, you have made mistakes but do not judge yourselves as if you are those errors. Never give up hope”. Motivational words from the Honourable Prakash Ramadhar, Minister of Justice while giving the Feature Address at the first graduation ceremony for the Thinking for a Change Programme at the Youth Training Centre (YTC) on Wednesday 24th June, 2015. Minister Ramadhar made reference to the time he spent as a Defence Attorney and reminded the YTC lads that “Jail not nice” and implored the young men to lead positive lives when they return to society. The Thinking for a Change Programme was administered to the YTC lads by the Probation Services Division, Ministry of the People and Social Development and focused on three essential and integrated skill-sets, aimed at equipping them with a framework for dealing with life’s daily challenges: - Cognitive Self-Change - Social Skills and - Problem-Solving Skills The Justice Minister thanked Mr Sterling Stewart, Commissioner of Prisons, who also addressed the graduates, for giving hope to the nation through the rehabilitative programmes being conducted at the Prisons. The lads were given an opportunity at the ceremony to demonstrate some the skills they learnt from the programme and did so via song, skit and other renditions. The event reminded all present that good things can come from behind Prison walls. Congratulations to the graduates. ...

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Making a Difference through Art The Sixth (6th) annual Inmate Art Exhibition was formally opened yesterday 17th June, 2015 by the Honourable Prakash Ramadhar MP, Minister of Justice. The initiative is a collaborative effort between the Trinidad and Tobago Prison Service and the Raja Yoga Centre and is one example of the Ministry’s thrust for meaningful prison reform. The Exhibition creates a platform for inmates to showcase some of their talents garnered behind prison walls. This project is part of the Restorative Justice Initiative aimed at helping inmates transform their minds. It challenges them to refocus, to channel possible negative thoughts into positive expressions on the canvas creating beautiful pieces of art. The public is invited to visit the exhibition taking place at Long Circular Mall, St James from Wednesday 17th June, 2015 to Saturday 20th June, 2015. Come and experience the beautiful paintings on display, created by the inmates themselves. ...

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