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Ministry of Justice, Republic of Trinidad and Tobago updated their cover photo. ...

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Partners in Justice Meet on Common Goal On Monday 25th May, 2015, stakeholders of the justice system met at the Ministry of Justice headquarters, to discuss issues of Prisoner transportation, with an emphasis on transporting inmates from the nation’s prisons to their Court proceedings. Monday's meeting yielded fruitful discussion on improving the prisoner transportation process. The meeting was hosted by The Honourable Prakash Ramadhar MP, Minister of Justice who led talks with Mr Stephen Williams, Commissioner of Police (Ag.) and Mr Sterling Stewart, Commissioner of Prisons (Ag.). Also present at the meeting were officials from the inmate transportation provider, Prison Officers Association, Ministry of National Security as well as executive members from the Ministry of Justice, Police Service and Prison Service. The Justice Minister reinforced his commitment to furnish assistance to both Commissioners with a view to immediate success as well as the security of police officers, prison officers, prisoners and all others involved in the process. A Media Conference was held following the meeting. The Media present were addressed by The Minister of Justice, the Commissioner of Police and the Commissioner of Prisons. Matters discussed include: - Partnering for improving and ensuring prisoner transport efficiency. - Security at the nation’s prisons. - Plans for addressing overcrowding at the nation’s prisons. - Decreasing the Rates Recidivism (Reoffending). The three stakeholders: Justice Ministry; Police Service and Prison Service, identified that a perennial challenge exists and gave an undertaking on behalf of their respective charges, to work together to overcome the issues at hand. ...

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Press Release: Operations being maintained at the nation's Prisons. ...

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